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Reindeer Rugs - Stylish Indoor and Outdoor Accessories


Reindeer HideWe have recently added reindeer skin rugs to our range of home designer accessories.  Reindeer hides are hollow haired hides so they offer excellent insulative properties, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  They make great furniture throws or rugs for indoors, and can be used outdoors as a rug for your patio or deck, or as a cosy garden furniture throw to snuggle up under on those cooler summer evenings. 

Our reindeer rugs are all premium grade hides and have been silicone treated meaning they are waterproof, unlike some of the cheaper hides avilable.  Some minimal shedding will occur with reindeer skins due to the deep pile of the hide, although ours have been treated to ensure any hair loss is kept to a minimum.  The beautiful neutral colourings of the reindeer skins make them an ideal choice for almost all home interiors.

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