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Turn Heads this Season with Authentic Cowhide Purses and Bags

Turn Heads this Season with Authentic Cowhide Purses and Bags

Posted by The London Cows Team on 2nd Mar 2021

Genuine cowhide bags and purses are some of the most versatile and attractive items you can add to your collection of accessories this season. They have many unique features and characteristics, and can be found in colours and patterns to suit essentially any taste. They will add the ideal finishing touch to any outfit you own, whether formal, casual, business or party style attire. For this reason, they are virtually guaranteed to breathe new life into your current wardrobe. Genuine cowhide purses and bags also boast outstanding versatility, and can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to their traditional use. For example, small size cowhide purses make terrific makeup bags, jewellry bags, or coin purses. They can also double as a great place to store your ID, passport and credit cards when travelling.

A One-of-a-Kind Accessory

Another best-loved characteristic about cowhide bags and purses is their unique appearance. If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind accessory, you will be pleased to find that the pattern, colour, and design of each of our bags is exclusive. This is because all purses in this line are manufactured from authentic cow hides, and since no two animals are exactly alike, no two bags come out looking precisely the same. Therefore, you never have to worry about seeing anyone carrying the same purse you have, which is something that can definitely happen with bags made on an assembly line. You will also be pleased to know that each item on our website is photographed individually, so you know you will receive the exact item you ordered.

Using Your Genuine Cowhide Purse to its Best Advantage

There are several ways to add style and flair to an outfit with cowhide accessories like the bags and purses pictured here. For example, you can use a cowhide shoulder bag with a denim outfit to add a warm and inviting touch to the ensemble. Similarly, you can use a small cowhide purse as a clutch to give a unique and interesting touch to business attire or a party dress. Don’t forget genuine cowhide tote bags as well, which are perfect for work, meetings, travel, or just to have a handy, durable, all-purpose bag to take with you anytime, anywhere.

You should also consider using several sizes to keep all your items organized. For example, you can use a small or medium cowhide purse to store makeup, coins, or other small items and then place it inside a cowhide shoulder bag so that you can easily find your smaller objects whenever they are needed.

Unique Patterns and Colours

As previously mentioned, there is a striking array of lovely, natural colours and patterns available from which to choose. You can stick with solid shades or a classic black and white or brown and white cow hide pattern for a traditional look, or try something different, such as tricoloured designs or brindle patterns. You may even like a striking animal print purse or bag, or a tote in a bright shade such as pink or green. Whether you choose authentic cowhide patterns or opt for other attractive shades and designs, you can’t go wrong with the options offered here.

Practical,Versatile, and Hard-Wearing

Fashionable accessories can also be practical and hard wearing, and cowhide purses and bags are a perfect example of this. The genuine cowhide products shown here are not only beautiful, but sturdy as well. For example, they are easy to clean and maintain, they do not require any complex maintenance, and are extremely hard wearing. Each one has a sleek, black cotton lining and a sturdy YKK zipper. Any bag you invest in is guaranteed to offer you many years of use.

If you’re searching for a purse, shoulder bag or tote that is luxurious, attractive and soft to the touch, order one or more of our unique cowhide bags now and enhance your wardrobe this season and for many seasons to come. 

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