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The Wonderful Attributes of Sheepskin Rugs

Posted by The London Cows Team on 26th Feb 2018

Sheepskin RugsUsing sheepskin rugs in your home interior design adds class and helps tie all the style elements together. These coverings not only provide visual interest to a living space, but they also add texture and warmth. Because they’re made from natural materials, sheepskin rugs enhance any home style.


Neutral sheepskin rugs make an exceptionally striking statement on dark hardwood floors because they contrast with the texture and tone. However, you can also place them on lighter flooring. Unlike other coverings, they work well on carpeting too.

You can even layer sheepskins over other rugs. If you have furnishings that are stylish but a bit uncomfortable, you can place these skins on them to add a cozy touch. Try placing a sheepskin rug beside the bed, in front of a hearth or in the middle of a seating area.


Since sheepskin rugs are fluffy, they can make a contemporary living space feel cozy. In simple surroundings, they add a touch of luxury. If you have a traditional home, rugs made from sheepskin show off the traditional elements and naturally complement stone, wood and cotton.

Sizes and Styles

You can get these coverings in assorted sizes, styles and wool lengths. They even come in round or oval shapes. In a small space or on furniture, try a single sheepskin. For larger areas, use double sheepskins. You can even get bigger rugs that consist of several stitched-together skins. Keep in mind that rugs with longer wool lengths feel fluffier.


Sheepskins in natural white, champagne beige, chocolate brown, caramel and dark cocoa brown blend nicely with any room design. If you’re looking for choices to liven up monochrome colour schemes, you can get sheepskins dyed in bold tones, including red, black, pink, rose or purple.

Natural Attributes

To make sheepskins, manufacturers tan sheep hides with the wool attached. These organic coverings are hypoallergenic and flame resistant. Since they’re natural, you won’t have to worry about static electricity.


You can maintain these silky coverings by vacuuming them regularly. You can also have them professionally dry-cleaned. Some rugs even withstand machine-washing. When following the proper cleaning regimen, they will last for many years.

When you’re decorating with sheepskin rugs and you have slippery floors, make sure to securely place a piece of furniture on top. This does not apply if you layer them on top of carpets or other rugs.

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