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The Handwoven Tribal Rug - The Beni Ourain Rug

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Moroccan Berber Rug Detail

Imagine the wonderful feeling you will receive when you proudly display in your home or office a gorgeous, authentic, and luxurious Beni Ourain rug which has been lovingly and expertly hand woven and knotted by members of the Berber tribes in the acclaimed and famous Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The outstanding and traditional top-quality workmanship and the use of the finest materials and strong geometric structure that go into creating such a rug have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The current weavers are just as enthusiastic about their results as their ancestors were.

The number of customized designs, patterns, sizes, accents, and colours are endless as they are incorporated into what is truly a timeless work of art that is also a one-of-a-kind presentation. Woven with wool from the local mountain sheep, the rugs are famous for their natural white and ivory tones and unusual designs. Some rugs are intertwined with naturally-dyed darker bright colorful wool, which makes them a great candidate to tie in with most color schemes in your décor.

These rugs are all the rage, are extremely popular, and appear in various publications showing their use in all types of interiors from the very traditional to the very modern.

It is believed by the tribes that the rugs protect the human spirit from negative energy. In the Berber culture, red symbolizes strength and protection, yellow represents eternity, blue symbolizes wisdom, and green stands for peace. The Berber women also incorporate design elements from their personal experience and life into the tribal art designs with symbols that refer to events and even their daily life such as beliefs, fertility, birth, femininity, spirituality, and more.

The fantastic rugs are selected by very particular and trained purchasers actually traveling to Morocco, where the hand-crafted masterpieces are individually chosen for their exciting and dynamic beauty, style, and unique craftsmanship created in the original tribal area that has hundreds of years of history and the ultimate experience by its weavers.

Only excellent quality passes the test. Additionally, this way of selection allows for a certificate of 100 percent authenticity to be issued along with each purchase so there is no question as to the background of the rug.

By having a collection of these amazing and genuine vintage or new rugs in stock at the company‘s business, you can either visit a showroom to see for yourself the outstanding selection of rugs that are on hand, or you can choose from the detailed pictures and descriptions that are given online. You can also receive professional guidance to aid you in finding the perfect rug.

One or more of these magnificent rugs can be dispatched and delivered to you promptly so that you do not have a long delay in order to obtain and enjoy your amazing Beni Ourain rug.

In addition, these rugs have longevity and will last for decades and can be a memento and prized design accessory that you can then pass along to your own heirs.

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