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The Difference Between Genuine Berber Rugs and Mass Produced Imitations

The Difference Between Genuine Berber Rugs and Mass Produced Imitations

Posted by The London Cows Team on 28th Jan 2021

Berber rugs are beautiful, handmade textiles designed by local tribes people in the Atlas Mountains. They have a mesmerising history that dates back centuries to the Paleolithic era. Even though they were originally created for purely practical reasons, they have become very popular items in the homes of consumers worldwide due to their aesthetic appeal and one-of-a-kind designs. However, one of the biggest complaints from customers everywhere concerning these products is that so many companies sell cheap imitations rather than authentic Berber rugs. Most consumers are very dissatisfied when they buy such products from unscrupulous companies and later find out that they've purchased a fake. Below are some facts about how a genuine Berber rug is created and why the real thing is much better than a mass-produced imitation.

A Fascinating Process

Each Berber rug shown here was acquired in person from the Moroccan tribe member by whom it was made. Village residents offer the highest quality rugs with the most attractive designs and each rug is discussed and examined before the final selections are made. Not only does this partnership help weavers maintain their quality of life, it assures customers that they are receiving an authentic product and not a cheap imitation. Mass-produced fakes are not made from the natural wool fibre and other organic materials that are used to make genuine Berber rugs. For this reason, they wear out quickly, lose their attractive appearance, and require frequent replacement.

Decorating with Handmade Moroccan Rugs

There is an endless number of ways you can use a real Moroccan rug to add style and flair to your home. Each one is a unique product and features a design that has special meaning to the person by whom it was created. Some patterns are simple geometric designs, while others are more intricate and feature a greater variety of colours. Therefore, you can choose simple or complex patterns depending on what you have in mind for your home. Mass produced rugs, on the other hand, offer a very limited number of designs from which to choose.

Enhance Your Dining Room with a Berber Rug

One great place for an authentic Berber rug is in your dining room. Position it under your table and chairs to create a warmer, more inviting area for family and friends. This is a particularly good idea if your dining room features hardwood floors. You may also wish to consider placing a small Moroccan rug on a hardwood floor leading from the dining room to the kitchen or from the dining room to your living room. This creates continuity with your decor and gives you a chance to show off several Berber rugs with different patterns.

Add Charm to a Home Office

Beni Ourain rugs also add warmth and texture to a home office. They can be used as traditional area rugs or placed under a desk and chair set for a cosy place to put your feet.

A Moroccan Rug as Your Living Room’s Focal Point

Berber rugs are especially nice in living rooms, as they create a beautiful and attractive focal point. Because many rugs of this kind feature traditional, neutral colors, it is practically guaranteed that whichever pattern you choose will seamlessly blend with the room’s current colour scheme and interior design.

Display a Genuine Beni Ourain Rug as Wall Art

If you are partial to unusual wall art and are picturing something beyond the usual prints and paintings, invest in a lovely Berber rug as a decorative wall hanging. Ultimately, nothing adds a classier touch to a dwelling than a genuine Berber rug. 

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