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Practical Decoration with Cowhide Rugs

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Cowhide rugs offer a natural, rustic charm that has earned them a place in countless homes. There are also plenty of practical benefits to including them in a home. That having been said, smart designers know that they should be used with care to get the best results. Their versatility means that doing so is usually easy, but it is still vital to understand their benefits before deciding how to use them.


Rugs need to be tough. People walk on top of them every day, and that can cause significant wear and tear. That need for ruggedness only increases if they are under chairs or other heavy, moving objects. A cowhide rug is one of the sturdiest options that an interior designer can use to cover their floor.

That makes cowhide rugs ideal for places that see a lot of foot traffic during the day. Putting one in the center of a recreation or dining room is a natural choice, since people tend to walk around in those areas fairly frequently. This durability isn't quite as much of an advantage in areas that don't get as much traffic, such as the corner of a room. Fortunately, cowhide rugs tend to look good on their own, so it's perfectly reasonable to use a single rug on its own and leave the rest of the floor bare.

Natural Looks

Modern furniture often uses plastics and other unnatural materials. That makes it cheap and sturdy, but it can also make the entire room look artificial and unwelcoming. The best way to counter that trend is to include a few natural elements among the room's decorations. They need to be big enough that people see them, but they can't be overwhelming, or else they will clash with the rest of the furniture.

A cowhide rug offers a good balance between subtlety and visibility. The rugs are fairly large and striking, so people will almost always notice them. On the other hand, it's easy to use a rug as an accessory rather than a centerpiece, so it won't clash with most other furniture. They aren't the only way to add a natural touch to a room, but they are one of the most convenient and effective.


Floors get dirty, and so do the rugs that go on top of them. That's simply a fact of life, but most people don't want to spend too much time cleaning their rugs. While a cowhide rug will require some cleaning from time to time, they are resistant to most messes. In many cases, it's possible to simply wipe the debris off. That makes them a great choice for people who want the benefits of a rug without investing too much time in cleaning it.

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