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Rich Colours and Gorgeous Prints Of Cowhide Rugs

Posted by The London Cows Team on 7th Jun 2018

When you think about decorating your home, it is easy to think about the use of different paint colours on the walls and various patterns for the upholstery. While you may have overlooked the use of natural animal skins previously, the thought may now be difficult to get out of your mind. Cowhide rugs may not be well-suited with all types of décor, but they offer special charm and unique personality. More than that, they make it easy for you to add a sense of individuality to your space. If you are wondering if this is the right material to bring into your home, spend a few minutes getting to know more about what to expect from cowhide. 

Rich Colours and Gorgeous Prints

Your first assumption about cowhide rugs may be that they are rather bland and lack personality. After all, they are available in neutral tones that seemingly do not have the same character or appeal as bold colours have. However, neutral tones work well with most existing colour schemes that you have. Cowhide comes in an extensive range of hues, such as beige, tan, buff, white, cream, chocolate, black and others. Some hides have one solid colour. Others are a mixture of two distinct colours. They may be heavily blended or mottled, or there may be a few large spots. The prints are not uniform patterns, so they have a special personality that can make the rug a focal point in your room.

The Perfect Combination of Softness and Durability

You may be aware that cowhide has thick, coarse hair that lays flat. It may be easy to assume that the coarseness of this hair would make it too rough to feel comfortable against your skin. The physical characteristics of the hide make it extremely durable. You can expect it to maintain its quality and condition for years even when you place it in a heavily-trafficked area of the home. Despite this durability, you will be pleased to discover that it is soft to the touch. With its unique combination of softness and durability, it is a material that stands apart from others that you may be thinking about decorating with.

A Sensible Solution

Many people associate animal skin with allergies. After all, allergies to cats, birds, pet dander and more are common in people of all ages. Cowhide is a unique material that is hypo-allergenic. Even if someone in your home has severe allergies to any type of animal skin, they should not react to this material. Therefore, this is an excellent material to decorate with if you are interested in using animal skin in your home.

While you may understandably be concerned about the use of cowhide as a decorating feature in your home, you can see that it actually has several wonderful benefits that you can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a material to use over your floors, on your walls or draped across your furnishings, now is a wonderful time to shop for your new cowhide rug.

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