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Innate Beauty: What Makes Animal Hide Rugs An Ideal Chice!

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Cowhide Rug and Reindeer Hide

Some think of luxury when they think about animal skin rugs, but there is much more to them than just that. They are actually smart investments and have many benefits.

The Cowhide Difference

One of the most popular types of animal skin rugs is the cowhide rug. The texture of cowhide is soft and plush. Most people choose this rug because of its natural shine, and its durability. It should be noted that cowhide rugs come in natural colours and markings. This means every rug is unique, and that's something to treasure. It is true that most people use this rug or the others mentioned as a living room rug, which is perfectly fine, but you can think outside the box. These rugs can be used as throw rugs for a sofa or armchair, and they can liven up a patio, too.

Reindeer Natural Beauty

Another natural way to add texture and warmth to your home is using a reindeer hide rug. Most people love the texture of reindeer because of its hollow fiber. Reindeer normally live in colder regions, making their fur a little more hollow than other animals. This means their rugs are cosy and warm. The comfort level is pretty high. It should be noted that reindeer fur comes in many different hues of greys and browns making this a versatile rug.

Sheepskin Advantage

Those who are looking for a rug that is versatile, beautiful, and soft to the touch need to consider sheepskin rugs. Most people consider sheepskin to be one of the softest hides available. The hide is almost like velvet, which is likely going to make it hard to resist laying on it. The colours available are versatile enough for this rug to be placed in any room or setting within a house. Of course, it should be noted that this rug is pretty warm, too, just in case you were wondering if it is suitable for winters.

There are a few differences between these rugs, but they also share some similarities. Their versatility and uniqueness is undeniable, but there is more like their romanticism. Each rug is soft to the touch, and laying on it next to a fire place would make every night a memorable one. The idea of using natural hide is also much better than settling for a rug made with questionable chemicals. Keep in mind that a natural hide rug that is taken care of is also a good investment because it retains its value. In short, there are many reasons to consider investing in one of these rugs.

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