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Have Fun Decorating With Cowhide Cushions and Cubes

Have Fun Decorating With Cowhide Cushions and Cubes

Posted by The London Cows Team on 22nd Dec 2020

If you need to breathe new life into your home’s interior decor, but do not want to completely redecorate, consider the addition of genuine cowhide cubes and cushions. Such pieces are decorative, practical, and affordable. It is often the little things that pack the biggest punch when it comes to interior design, and these two items are a failsafe choice if you want to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary without having to overspend.

Cowhide cushions are suited for both contemporary and traditional decor. They feature a unique and luxurious texture and you have two sizes from which to choose, standard and large. The surface of each cushion is entirely unique, and therefore whether you are looking for a durable pair of cushions for your sofa or loveseat, or wish to add a fashionable touch to your bedroom or study, the perfect cowhide cushion can be found without much difficulty. You can choose from amongst a broad array of patterns and colours, with shades ranging from light to dark. You can also opt for solid-coloured cushions or those featuring natural patterns.

Decorating With Cowhide Cushions is Easy and Fun

A genuine cowhide cushion is ideal for a boring or outdated armchair that you are not ready to part with yet. Chairs with pale fabric can be instantly reinvented with a cowhide cushion in an elegant, deep shade or a cushion featuring a striking pattern. Similarly, you can infuse style into a dark chair with a light coloured cushion in a solid shade or a brindle design.You can also place a pair of sumptuous cowhide cushions at either end of a loveseat or sofa. If you have a chaise lounge that’s looking a bit drab or boring, toss several cowhide cushions around on it to add depth and texture.

You may also decide to invest in a variety of cowhide cushions to scatter across your bed for a decorative and beautiful touch, or use them to make the back of a hard chair more restful. Cowhide cushions can even be placed on top of an ottoman for additional luxury and comfort for your feet. Choose contrasting colours for a dramatic look or opt for shades and designs that blend with your furniture’s fabric in an understated way. The choices are virtually limitless when you begin to decorate with these interesting and attractive cushions. Additionally, because they are genuine animal skin products, no two are exactly alike, which adds to the fun of decorating or redecorating.

Cowhide Cubes for Even More Pizazz

If you enjoy decorating with cowhide cushions, you will probably have just as much fun with genuine cowhide cubes. The cowhide cube’s simple design and plush surface adds an impressive, but minimalist touch to any room where it’s placed.

A charming alternative to the traditional footstool, cowhide cubes work well as foot rests for essentially any sofa, loveseat or easy chair. In addition, they can be used as a nontraditional end table, as extra seating for a social gathering, or simply a decorative piece to add pizzazz to any dull area of your dwelling. Because cowhide typically features neutral colours and patterns, these cubes tend to blend well with the colour scheme of any room. If you are concerned about your carpet or have hardwood floors, you will be happy to know that all cowhide cubes have small but discrete rubber fixtures to protect the floor underneath from scratches and wear.

Because these handy cowhide cushions and cubes are manufactured from authentic animal skin, they are durable and sturdy and can be used on a regular basis in various ways without losing their natural beauty or becoming worn. Only a minimal level of maintenance is required to keep your cowhide cubes and cushions in excellent condition. To ensure they retain their beautiful appearance, simply sponge away dirt and spills in a timely manner, using a motion that follows the natural direction of the hair.

Don’t Forget Cowhide Cushions and Cubes as Gifts

Whether it is the holiday season or any other time of year, you cannot go wrong with cowhide when you need a can’t-miss gift for that special someone. Cowhide cushions and cubes are versatile, practical and beautiful, which are features every gift should have. For this reason, you may wish to consider investing in a few extra items of this kind to guarantee you always have an appropriate gift on hand.

Ultimately, one or more lovely cow skin cubes or cushions will add a practical and charming touch to any room in your dwelling, and remain a durable part of your home’s decor for many years to come.

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