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Decorating Trends Change but Cowhide Rugs Remain a Failsafe Choice

Decorating Trends Change but Cowhide Rugs Remain a Failsafe Choice

Posted by The London Cows Team on 24th Nov 2020

Over time, decorating trends come and go, but genuine cowhide rugs and furniture have endured since they became all the rage as far back as the 1990s. This is likely due to their outstanding versatility, the way they are virtually impossible to wear out, and the fact that they are just plain fun to decorate with, regardless of how many times you change the decor in your home or flat.

The most common shades in which cowhide is found are brown and whiteblack and white, or a tricolour, the latter of which features black, white and brown in various patterns. Brindle cowhides are also popular, as they have a unique appeal of their own.

However, what all of these patterns and colours have in common is that they are considered “neutral” shades that are appropriate in virtually any setting: they do not clash with bright, modern colours, traditional shades or bold patterns that do not follow the conventional rules.

Patchwork cow hides are also a great choice, and many individuals do not even realize that these rugs are made from genuine skins until you let them in on the secret. The following are some of the best features associated with these rugs and why they are a benefit to your dwelling:

Instant Sophistication

A cowhide rug in deep brown or white and gray can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your home or apartment. If you are going for a modern look, consider investing in an authentic cowhide in one of these cosmopolitan shades.

Traditional Beauty

If your home is a bit outdated, but you prefer traditional beauty, try a classic brown and white or black and white cow hide in large size to use as the focal point of your living room. These patterns make especially nice choices in rooms with hardwood floors or solid coloured carpeting.

Modern or Eclectic Options

If the interior design of your home is modern, abstract or eclectic, cowhide rugs offer a limitless number of decorating options. A spotted or brindle cowhide rug can quickly add warmth and texture to an abstract or modern home or apartment. For a more subtle look in an eclectic living room or bedroom, choose a solid-coloured cowhide to streamline the room's appearance.

Endless Uses for Genuine Cowhide

High-quality cowhide provides savvy consumers with an essentially limitless number of uses, some of which are traditional, and some of which are definitely in the category of “think outside the box.”

Use a Large Cowhide in a Sitting Room

If you have a sitting room where you like to get together with friends and family for intimate conversation or simply to enjoy music or reading, a cowhide rug can instantly make the space entirely unique. Consider arranging your chairs, chaises, and end tables in the pattern of your choice on top of a striking black-and-white cowhide rug or a rug that features an unusual brindle pattern.

Place a Cowhide Rug Next to a Sliding Glass Door

If your kitchen is nothing special and features a neutral monochrome or an all white background, try placing a soft, tricoloured cowhide rug alongside a sliding glass door or under your kitchen table. A metallic cowhide rug is also a fun and quirky addition to your kitchen, especially if it needs some pizazz.

Use a Cowhide Rug Underneath a Bench and Enjoy Practical and Decorative Benefits

If you have a piano or organ in your home, consider positioning a small cowhide rug underneath the bench. This not only adds texture and style to that area of the room, it draws attention to the piano and helps protect the underlying carpet or hardwood floor from the bench’s legs.

Of course, you may simply want to use your new cowhide rug as the primary focal point in the room. This is a failsafe option that will never let you down. Additionally, virtually any shade you choose will blend appropriately with your furniture. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, but one thing’s for sure; regardless of how you use your new cowhide rugs, they will never go out of style.

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