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Create a New Look for Your Home With Cowhide Furniture

Posted by The London Cows Team on 26th Sep 2018

Redecorating a home can be one of life's most enjoyable activities. However, it can sometimes be a challenging endeavor to come up with ways to add a new touch to old, outdated decor without entirely re-doing every room. If you are looking for something truly unusual, but do not want to completely redecorate or do major renovations, you should consider investing in cowhide furniture to breath new life into your decor. Such pieces provide the ideal way to infuse your home with a unique flair. Long-lasting, beautiful and practical, furniture of this kind can easily transform your dwelling into a fashionable haven.

Endless Decorating Options

Each piece of cowhide furniture offered in our exclusive line is a one-of-a-kind creation. For this reason, you can place such items in every room of your home without the themes and patterns ever becoming redundant. For example, you can choose cowhide dining chairs in shades of gray, and opt for brown and white hides for your cowhide armchairs.

Cowhide is also an outstanding choice when used to create accent pieces, such as footstools or bar stools. For instance, a footstool with a bold pattern can be used in conjunction with a club chair featuring a pale shade. Similarly, bar stools with a black and white colour scheme can be used to brighten up a family recreation room or home bar. Bar stools can also be used in a kitchen as a seating arrangement around the kitchen counter or centre island.

Even the addition of one piece of cowhide furniture can instantly dress up a room and add flair to a drab section of your dwelling. Virtually any cowhide furniture item also makes a wonderful conversation piece, particularly as no two hides are exactly alike.

Additional Benefits of Cowhide Furniture

Cowhide furnishings are exceptionally durable and long wearing as well. Therefore, such furniture is not only visually appealing, it is also a cost-effective option as it is not necessary to replace the pieces as often as would be the case with furniture made from traditional materials. In addition, such furniture is easy to clean and care for, as it is much more difficult to soil cowhide than synthetic materials. You can easily remove spills and stains from the robust hair-on-hide-surface, which preserves the lovely appearance of all your cowhide furniture pieces. Cowhide also holds up well under constant use, and as long as the furniture is not subjected to excessive abuse, you can anticipate years of enjoyment from your new chairs, stools and foot rests.

Fortunately, cowhide furniture also blends well with any interior decor. Many consumers especially enjoy this benefit, as they need not worry about their new cowhide pieces clashing with the current theme of their home. Whether your interior design is modern, traditional, rustic, abstract or eclectic, cowhide pieces will perfectly complement your taste and style. Choose from our wide selection of armchairs, dining room chairs, bar stools and footstools and instantly add a brilliant touch of fashion to your home.

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