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Cowhide Footstools for Every Room in Your Home

Cowhide Footstools for Every Room in Your Home

Posted by The London Cows Team on 18th Mar 2021

If you are not ready to completely redecorate but are in desperate need of a fashionable touch for various areas in your home, look no further than authentic cowhide footstools. The outstanding pieces featured here are made from genuine cowhide and are locally handcrafted to ensure exceptional quality and ultimately, the satisfaction of every customer. Appropriate for every room in your home, they are both decorative and practical, as well as hard-wearing and easy to clean.

These footstools perfectly complement any cowhide rugs you may have, and also enhance the interior decor of your foyer, family room, bedroom, living room, study or children’s room. Choose from a broad range of sizes, including the following:

Additionally, you have the option of various leg styles to ensure that the ones you select will blend seamlessly with your home's other furnishings. There are eight different styles from which to choose, and both long and short legs are available. This is very helpful when decorating or redecorating, since you may find that a short legged stool is perfect for one room, whilst a footstool featuring longer legs is the most appropriate option for the next. This versatility allows you to create the ideal piece for what you have in mind.

A Vast Array of Colours

Featuring an expansive range of colours, patterns and designs, each authentic cowhide footstool is a one-of-a-kind creation. The various designs and colours range from striking brown and white and black and white combinations and pale, neutral tones, to brindle or speckled designs and even brilliant zebra patterns. You can opt for a bold pattern to offset a neutral coloured room, or select a stool in a neutral shade that seamlessly blends with your other furniture.

An Endless Number of Uses

Genuine cowhide footstools work perfectly for traditional uses, such as placement in front of your favourite recliner, loveseat or sofa. However, they also lend themselves well to a broad range of nontraditional uses.

For example, they make perfect benches in a bedroom or bathroom, and can be used as extra seating in virtually any room, from your living room to a child’s bedroom. Some customers also like to use them as coffee tables or end tables in a den or family room: because they are made by upholstery experts, they provide a sturdy surface on which to place drinks, a lamp, or even children’s toys. Not surprisingly, getting creative with these attractive and charming pieces is half the fun.

Expert Craftsmanship and One-of-a-Kind Characteristics

Our footstools have one-of-a-kind characteristics that only authentic cowskin can boast. Interesting patterns in light or dark shades are available, and each one is different from the last. Because these hair-on-hide ottomans are genuine top quality cowhide, they provide a high level of comfort. Their texture is both sleek and luxurious, and feels particularly nice on bare feet. To ensure longevity and durability, all stitching on our footstools is expertly completed from the inside. This gives the footstool a more streamlined appearance, and also ensures a long wearing product.

Bespoke Footstools

If you are searching for a specific type of footstool and do not see the exact one you’re looking for, you will be pleased to find that we can create a bespoke footstool to your specifications. These customised, authentic cowhide footstools can typically be made within four to six weeks after you place your order and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Because they are manufactured from authentic animal hide, our cowhide footstools are quite easy to clean and maintain. Even light-coloured cowhide is easy to keep looking nice, and this makes cow skin footstools a practical choice as well as a beautiful one. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe up spills before staining occurs. Just be sure to always wipe your cloth in the natural direction of the hair.

Regardless of whether you select a brilliant black and white footstool, a cowhide footstool in a light, neutral shade, or any designer pattern in between, these pieces can only serve to enhance your home’s existing decor and add a fashionable touch to any room where they are placed.

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