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​ The Durable & Versatile Rug - The Cowhide


How Can You Make the Best Use of a Cowhide Rug in Your Home?

Cowhide Rugs

You love your hardwood floors and would love to find the right area rugs to match with them. One option that you may not have considered is the cowhide rug. Rugs of this type can be utilized in more than one way around the house. Here are some examples of how to make the most of this durable and versatile solution.

Adding Visual Appeal to a Hallway

Perhaps the hallway in your home isn’t exactly a showplace. In fact, you’ve never come up with a way to make the space all that attractive. While it does serve a practical purpose, the right accessories will give the hall some flair.

One of those accessories is a cowhide rug that is elongated and will span most of the length of the hall. Use the colours as inspiration for the other elements that you introduce in the space. Perhaps a print that picks up those colours will be the ideal way to dress the wall space between two doors. At the end of the hall, consider mounting a long mirror on the wall and pair it with a floor lamp and a basket of greenery at the base. Along with cowhide rugs, you can invest in a lampshade that picks up the colour and texture of the rug and helps unify the space.

Practical and Beautiful in the Living Room

The living room is one of the common areas that family members gather. Since there is a lot of foot traffic in the room, it makes sense to choose a rug that will hold up well. There’s no doubt that cowhide rugs will fill the bill. The durability of the rug means that it will look great for years. You’ll also find that cleaning up spills or dealing with dirt that’s tracked in will be ease to remove.

How About Something For the Wall?

Who says that the cowhide rug has to be on the floor? Given the beauty of the rug, consider using it as wall art instead. You can mount the rug on the wall over the sofa and pair it with some wall sconces that are in line with a western theme. If you want to dress up the arrangement a little, have the rug mounted in a shadow box with a black background. The latter will give you an accent in the room that’s not likely to be found anywhere else in the neighbourhood.

Take the time today to learn more about what a rug made with cowhide would mean for different areas of the house. Remember that the texture and strength of the material will make it ideal for use in spaces that would not be served well by more conventional rugs. With plenty of colours and sizes to choose from, it won’t be hard to find something that’s the perfect look and fit.

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