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Cowhide Footstools - The Ultimate Footrest

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Cowhide Footstool

Put your feet up on our unique cowhide footstools and experience luxury as never before!

Cowhide is often the only real choice for a quality footstool because of its amazingly smooth texture that makes it soft and comfortable. Cowhide is extremely durable yet supple and soft to touch. 

Each footstool is one of a kind - each cowhide is obtained from an individual cow whose markings are unique due to natural and environmental factors. The stools are expertly upholstered and well padded to provide enduring, firm, resilient support. The quality craftsmanship shows through a strong frame that is constructed to last! The legs can be chosen to match the design aesthetic in your room.

Your cowhide footstool is easy to clean; it should be dusted regularly. Spills can be cleaned immediately with a clean, damp cloth. You do not need to invest in any special cleaners nor is it necessary to follow a time-consuming or expensive procedures to maintain the cowhide. The natural oils in cowhide tend to act as a repellent to all kinds of stains. As an additional bonus it is also hypoallergenic!

The footstools are very versatile: use your stool as an ottoman, for extra seating, put a tray on it to convert it to a coffee table, or simply use it as a showpiece that makes a statement and adds character to any room.Satisfied customers love their cowhide furniture and find that it is a perfect and amazing finishing touch to their rooms.

Cowhide furniture is unique, beautiful, and always in style—unlike other furniture styles that can be passing fads. It enhances different home décor styles and adds a natural and colorful touch to any room in your home. It blends well with traditional, western, or eastern styling as well as in modern spaces where it attracts attention with its natural, yet atypical look. Unlike other popular upholstery materials, cowhide furniture is very resistant to wear and can look as beautiful after many years of use as it does on the day it arrives in your home.

In recent years, the appeal of contemporary styled leather furniture has grown tremendously with a very broad-based consumer appeal. Buyers span the age spectrum and are leaning towards simple design that is timeless. They are more adventurous and ready to experiment with mixing, for example, a rustic urban look with the contemporary, leading to a more eclectic style. There is a trend away from furniture sets to buying unique, outstanding pieces. Cowhide fits right into this current trend that results in unexpected design pairings.

Cowhide is the ideal texture for creating modern, yet approachable, accents in design—a classic design aesthetic that will never go out of style. Cowhide footstools are furniture as art and can be used to make a statement in any home!

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